5 Tips to Solve PR Crisis in Your Company


If there comes a time that you and your company will suffer PR crisis, do you know exactly what to do? Do you want an advance planning for help?

You see, public relation issues may occur in both big and small companies. When they do, the most crucial way to solve this is through your right response. That’s why we have formulated these five tips to plan ahead of time just in case these situations ever happen to you.

Tips and Tricks to Solve PR Crisis

Here are the five tips you need to follow:

#1: Make a Plan to Deal with the Media

Your first move is to choose whether or not to agree to an interview about your crisis. If you want not to release a statement, that will not stop the media from making up their own stories. It will just probably say that you declined to make comments. But, as the leader of the company, you won’t escape from the heat seat. In fact, you may look bad during the situation.

But, if you are going to have an interview, just leave a simple message. Be brief, be bold, and be on point.

#2: Know Who Will Speak in Behalf of the Company

Whether you want to speak to the media or not, you do not want to pick a random person in behalf of your company. This should be someone who fully knows the story. If you have already picked someone to represent your institution, then refer the interviews to him or her.

#3: Try Asking Professional Help

Depending on how severe the circumstance is, you may want the advice of a professional who have handled pr crisis before and have succeeded in solving it. If you are facing civil or criminal charges, you may consult your lawyer who has an experience about this issue.

#4: Do Not Make the Situation Worse by Making Wrong Moves

If you are faced with charges, this is not the right time to give big bonuses. It may be obvious that the company is struggling and is under the spotlight, so better lie low. An excellent advice is to be very careful in handling the situation, especially in giving bonuses, it promoting employees, and holding celebrations within the company.

#5: Own Up These Mistakes

If you have made wrong doings, you should own up your shortcomings. Then, fix them and stand up once again. Do not cover up the mistakes because it may make the whole situation worse. If you are facing charges, you must follow the advice of your lawyer.

Final Words

Thus, it is crucial to know that your own trouble is also affecting your company and your employees. Before you make any solutions and actions, you should gauge if these may help the company or not. But, what matters is that you follow these five tips to save you when your company is in bad spot.